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Access Services provides reasonable accommodations and support services for students 残疾人士根据A.D.A. (经修订)及第504条 Rehabilitation Act. 无障碍服务支持残疾人的社会和身份模式, 将残疾视为澳门威尼斯人在线赌场校园多样性的一个组成部分. Our goal is to provide access and equitable opportunity in the classroom while promoting the use 通用设计在澳门威尼斯人在线赌场的教室和其他地方.


Spring 2024 Updates

Access Services staff will be available Monday – Friday in building 7, between the hours of 8:30 am – 4:45 pm

澳门威尼斯人在线赌场可以在Zoom上安排面对面和远程约会. We are unable to take walk-in appointments. 澳门威尼斯人在线赌场要求所有的预约都要提前安排. For Access Intake appointments, we are generally booked out approximately 1-2 weeks in advance

In-Person and Remote Accommodated Exam proctoring will be available for students with Alternative Testing Accommodations Mon – Fri 8:30 am – 4:30 pm BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. 考试预约必须通过学生的AIM档案来安排 至少提前5个工作日.

如欲安排任何类型的预约,请与澳门威尼斯人在线赌场联络: 或致电或发短信给澳门威尼斯人在线赌场:360-504-6357.


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Contact Us

There are several options for you to choose from in order to contact and communicate 与澳门威尼斯人在线赌场进行远程交流,比如电子邮件、Zoom视频和文本.  

Option 1: Email



Option 2: Phone/Text Message

Call or send a text message to the brand-new Access Services Google number at: 360-504-6357

Messages are checked once daily. 允许1-3个工作日的响应时间.

Option 3: Zoom Video Meeting

访问服务人员可以安排与您的视频通话. Please request 这项服务通过电子邮件提前通知 or calling: 360-504-6357



  • Please bring with, or join your remote Intake or Update appointment from, a PC/MAC, laptop, or tablet. 对于大多数约会来说,智能手机是不够的. If 这是不可能的,请提前告知前台.
  • Access Services observes a 15-minute cancellation policy for all types of appointments. If the individual does not attend their meeting within 15 minutes of it's scheduled 开始时间,会议将需要重新安排到以后的日期. The individual 将负责重新安排他们错过的约会.
  • If an individual misses 4 scheduled appointments in one quarter, Access Services will 不得不要求他们不要在同一季度再安排一次吗. They will be able 重新安排下个季度.

What is the Interactive Process?

If you are a student with a disability and think you are in need of accommodations, you must self-identify 获取服务并完成入院预约 to establish services. The intake appointment is an interactive process allowing for an in-depth conversation 学生和访问服务人员之间的沟通. This confidential appointment includes discussion and verification of the student’s disability, barriers 挑战和潜在的适应. The student’s unique situation and classes are taken into consideration when determining and approving accommodation services. Sometimes an immediate determination cannot be made during the intake depending on 住宿要求的复杂性. 如果是这样,工作人员会解释的 next steps to the student, which include gathering more information to assist in reaching a determination. 在互动预约期间, 学生将收到有关他们的 own 职责,下一步和教授沟通. 

What is AIM?

AIM is a confidential database that helps track student information and implementation of accommodation services. Each student registered with Access Services 会在AIM里有学生档案吗. Inside your profile, students can sign Agreement Forms, upload disability documentation, request and renew accommodations each quarter, view the Message Center and more.

Tools, Resources, and Support


图为学生们在TCC校园的一系列小路上行走. The grass is 绿色和天空在大型校园建筑的衬托下是蓝色的.学生指引及责任教职员工住宿指南Assistive Technology ResourcesStudent Support ResourcesTCC Alternative Format ToolAccess Services Team